General Purpose

Ferro tubs/wraps are chiller, freezer and moisture resistant.  100% scuff resistant.  It is easy and self erecting with panels and perfs.  Lighter products in terms of holding, logistics and carriage.  “Boutique” class of finish in terms of appearance both Matt and gloss finish.  Can also utilize environment friendly grades of PET material.

PROMO-PROMO-PROMO (Perf/Value add).  Perforated tear off – user friendly opening mechanishm.

Shelf appeal when stacked in Chillers, Boutique, Uniformity and Branding.  360 Degree Viaual.

“Wipe Off’ application – avoid contamination when a spillage has occurred on the product.

Flexibility in terms of sizing, full, half, third thus keeping brand uniformity and consistency across the ranges.

Superior UV Flexo print Quality, Consistency, Colour and again Boutique point of sale.

Difference appearance.

Printing Parameters Printing Material
Printing Width

Up to Max 420mmNo. of Colours
Max 8 colours, incl Varnish or

Special Clear MaterialAdhesive:

UV flexo

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