product labels

Service Excellence

Since our inception over 3 decades ago, we have established a renowned and trusted name due to our service and product excellence. We offer our services to a comprehensive range of clients in a variety of industries. All our customers’ businesses demand only the highest standards and the most efficient and effective services.

Accuracy and Quality

We adhere to all the stringent requirements that are placed upon our products and strictly comply with the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, SANS 10330 (HACCP) and GS1. We have also put a variety of other systems into place to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality in all of our endeavours.

In-house Ink Kitchen

Our very own ink kitchen, managed by the professional Select Ink team, is of the highest standards. By having an in-house and highly specialised ink kitchen, we will always be in stock of the highest quality and a large amount of premier ink at all times. We will always have the correct ink for the job at hand. Select Ink does not merely supply ink, the renowned company is responsible for the team in the ink kitchen. This ensures that we have only the most qualified ink technicians in the business supervising every project. We utilise an advanced ink mixing system that is completely computerised, which ensures colour consistency and precise outcomes. Another important aspect of our premier ink kitchen is the Rexon Ink Management system. This system manages and controls stock, formula, ink dispensing and database applications. Such an advanced system allows our operators to identify and capture exact formulations to create the ideal label printing end-result.

Another process that we utilise is the Nikka Automatic Label Inspection System, as well as the Rotoflex VSI 330, which is fitted with the exclusive and reliable Pro Vision I. We also have a rapid feedback machine that will instantly identify and point out a defect in the process.